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Fresh Mango

Mango is king of fruits and we are No 1 fresh mango suppliers and fresh mangoes exporter in India. Our fresh and juicy mango will win your heart with its delicious taste that you find rare in other brands. Our mangoes are of very low cost that just suits to your pocket. We are a major Indian exporters and suppliers of Organic and fresh mangoes. We export all kinds of Mangoes to different countries.


Alphanso : March to June

Dashari, Kesar, Langda&Chausa : May to July

Following is the chart of our grades and the corresponding weights. However, please note that we are not selling mangoes based on weight! The weights are just for reference. Our standard grade for export is 12 pcs of Mangos per 4 KGs box.

Grade A1+ – Largest: 300 gms average
Grade A1 Largest: 275 gms average
Grade 1 Large: 250 gms average
Grade 2 Large: 225 gms average
Grade 3 Medium: 200 gms average
Grade 4 Medium: 175 gms average
Grade 5 Small: 150 gms average
Grade 6 Small: 125 gms average




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