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The Variety of onion we deal in are Red Onion, White Onion and Yellow Onion. We can Supply all variety based on size as per your requirements.


Onions are often chopped and used as an ingredient in various hearty warm dishes, and may also be used as a main ingredient in their own right.

The pungent juice of onions has been used as a moth repellent and can be rubbed on the skin to prevent insect bites. When applied to the scalp it is said to promote growth of hair and on the face to reduce freckling. It has been used to polish glass and copperware and to prevent rust on iron. If boiling water is poured onto chopped onions and left to cool, the resulting liquor can be sprayed onto plants to increase their resistance to pests, and the onion plants when growing are reputed to keep away moles and insects. Onion skins have been used to produce a yellow-brown dye.

Specification will be furnished upon request.

Packaging can be done as per customers’ requirement.